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Do you want to download Sofa ? Nothing could be simpler, just click on the version that interests you !

Windows Version (7 et +)

Mac Version (10.13)

Trouble installing ?

Android Version

Portable Version (Windows)

User manual

Installation and launch

Installation error message ?

Sofa does not work on Windows 32bits

Make sure your Windows is 64-bit.

For that, go to Parameters / System / System information to see if your Windows is 32 or 64 bits.

Sofa launches with the logo displayed then nothing?

Sofa is already spinning but no longer responds and prevents launch.

Restart your machine. For experts, kill the sofa task with the task manager. 

Sofa does not install ?

An antivirus blocks the installation.

First temporarily disable the antivirus to test. Then if Sofa starts, add sofa to the list of trusted software of your antivirus.

Sofa is installed but does not launch ? Antivirus blocks launch ?

First temporarily deactivate the antivirus to test, if sofa starts add sofa in the list of trusted software of your antivirus..

Audio / Vidéo

The webcam does not activate ?

The software does not detect your webcam.

Go to the settings / audio video, deactivate then reactivate the webcam.

No sound during the session ?

Your microphone or speaker is not properly configured

Go to the settings / audio video, and choose a microphone or speaker from the list.
– Restart your machine.
– Set your micro / speaker as the default device.
– Check that your antivirus does not block audio / video streams, deactivate it temporarily to test then add sofa to the list of trusted software.
-If your sound devices are connected, try connecting them directly to the machine and then restart your machine.

The sound is bad ?

This is a network problem or a microphone.

Check the quality of your internet settings / network connection.
Lower the microphone sensitivity to avoid saturation: parameters / audio / microphone sensitivity.

Sound cracking ?

The sensitivity of your microphone may be too high or your machine too stressed.

Look in the settings to lower the sensitivity.

Check with the task manager that your machine is not 100% CPU occupied, in this case close applications or restart your machine.

General use

My screen sharing doesn't work on Mac

You must authorize Sofa to record your screen directly from the settings.

Go to : 
System preferences 
– Click on “security and confidentiality”
– Go to the “Confidentiality” tab”
-In your window on the left, scroll down to “Screen recording”
– Find Sofa then check the box dedicated to it.

You may have to restart the application after that modification.

How to change the image of my space ?

You must access the administration interface by

I can no longer enter my room

Known problem, we analyze the cause.

Write to indicating your email and the name of your room, we will repair your room.

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